School Groups

Bring learning to life with Freehand! Our large, fully equipped studios are the perfect way to immerse students in the world of art. Using a wide variety of materials and techniques, students will create unique projects with guidance from our qualified instructors. Our hands-on approach fosters enriched learning; every child will leave with both a practical and theoretical understanding of the artistic mediums and techniques used.

For a pricing quote, please contact us with the name of your school, number of participants, and proposed dates. Sessions are offered at our studios or at your school.



Choose from our list of projects below, or contact us to design a project tailored to your class curriculum!


Clay Project

Students will really get their hands dirty as they learn how to manipulate clay to create 2D tile-style projects or 3D works like bowls. Contact us to discuss a specific theme for your class’s clay project!
*Please note: Clay projects require an extra fee for storage and firing. Clay projects also MUST be done at Freehand.




Students will create colourful relief prints by carving and stamping foam sheets onto paper. Using traditional printmaking techniques, students will experiment with colour, ink and carving.


One Page Comic

In this workshop, students will learn to use facial expression, body language, and background design to tell a story. Using effective narrative structure, each student will go home with a full one-page comic. 



Acrylic Painting Project

Using acrylic paints, students will create an original painting on a canvas. Paint like the old masters with a self-portrait project (suitable for older children) or celebrate Canadian scenery with a painting of Lake Louise (suitable for all ages).