Party At Freehand!

Celebrate your birthday with creativity and fun! You can choose one of the exciting projects below or contact us to create a personalized project with your favourite animal, character, or theme. Suggested grades are for the age of the majority of participants.



Shadow Boxes
Grades SK/JK and up
These are cardboard boxes we decorate to create a 3D scene using a variety of materials.
Some popular themes include Unicorns, Insects, and Dinosaurs.


Watercolour Paintings
Grades SK/JK and up
Create your own personal masterpiece using watercolour paints and other media!
Popular themes include Superheroes, Rainbow Castles, and Birthday Cupcakes


Polymer Clay Sculpture
Grades 1 and up
Sculpt your favourite animal or food out of colourful oven bake polymer clay.
Some favourites include Hotdogs and Hamburgers, Foxes, and Dragons.


The fee for each party is $200.00 + hst and includes all materials for up to 8 participants. Parties of fewer than 8 will still be charged the full amount. For extra guests it is $20 + hst per extra child with a maximum of 12 kids total for a party. If you would like to have a party with more than 12 guests, please contact us for availability and cost as an extra instructor will be brought in.

For parties where the majority of participants are in jk/sk, there is a limit of 8 kids max, a second instructor will need to be brought in if there will be more than 8.

The program includes 1.5 hours of art instruction and 30 minutes at the end for cake, snacks, etc. You may come up to 15 minutes before the scheduled time if you'd like to arrive earlier to set up. We provide plastic table cloths, but parents must bring all food and serving materials. All foods brought into Freehand must be NUT-FREE. 

Parties are generally drop-off as the waiting area space is limited and the studio area is needed for participants. We use only non-toxic art supplies for our parties, but they can still stain and mark clothing. While we do provide aprons, please advise your guests to wear clothing it's ok to get a little dirty!


Please email or call 416-487-2533 to reserve your date. 
Times still available for bookings are shown in green below.



If you have an event or celebration that you would like us to host, we have a variety of fun, simple projects that look great! Contact for more information and booking times.