Freehand School of Art is owned and operated by...

Vivian East

Vivian brings a high level of expertise in art education gained in more than 30 years of involvement in arts communities in Toronto. She has been a leader in the visual arts department  of the Toronto District School Board and served on committees at OISE/UT, the Ontario Society for Education through Art and  the Ontario Ministry of Education. She has consistently been looked to as a source of inspiration and knowledge for art educators in our city. Freehand School of Art will allow Vivian to bring this wealth of expertise to the community. Vivian holds Honors Specialist Qualification in Visual Arts. Her artistic   training is in drawing, design, printmaking and photography.


Julia Ramdeholl

Julia brings current perspectives on the arts to the school. She is a graduate of the Primary-Junior program at the University of Western Ontario with Visual Arts qualification. Her visual art foundation began at Wexford School for the Arts and continued with art history courses at York University. Julia has more than 10 years of experience in teaching art to early years, primary and junior aged children in schools in Toronto, London, UK and London, Ontario. She has organized and lead community programs for at-risk youth in Toronto and has delivered numerous in-school visual art workshops with the Toronto District School Board.  Julia is a working artist with a particular focus on acrylic and oil painting. 


Both partners are qualified teachers, members of the Ontario College of Teachers and the Ontario Society for Education through Art.




Brad Weatherburn

Brad is a Toronto based artist who has been working primarily in ceramics since 2007. He began teaching at Freehand in 2011.  After developing an art foundation at Northern Secondary and Central Technical School Brad went on to study drawing and ceramics at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He is currently developing a new body of work in his studio that is comprised of drawings, sculptures and mixed media works inspired by the human form.


Francis Joseph Dvorak

 After graduation from the University of Toronto with a B.A., in philosophy, Francis began studying painting in the atelier of Michael John Angel in Florence, Italy where he became fascinated by the art of the Italian Renaissance.

Francis has almost twenty years experience as a professional artist and art instructor.  Since 1999, he has been the resident art restorer for Old Master Gallery in Toronto, and he has worked as an illustrator for Integrate New Ideas Co.   He has painted over fifty commissioned portraits of prominent individuals and also painted five murals and fourteen stained glass windows for churches and cemeteries in Toronto.   He is currently represented by John Libby Gallery in Toronto.  Aside from commissions, Francis is currently working on a series of plein air landscape and figurative paintings inspired by his life long fascination with the wilderness of the Canadian Shield, and his woodland studio in North Kawartha, Ontario. Francis is also a teacher with the Toronto District School Board.


Jonathan Dunkelman

Jonathan is a Toronto painter whose abstract work reflects his love of nature. He works primarily in acrylic and oil on canvas. He has shown in numerous galleries in the city and his work can be found at the AGO Art Rental and Sales Gallery. Jonathan has been immersed in the art world from an early age. His parents, Ben and Yael Dunkelman owned and operated the Dunkelman Gallery in Toronto in the 1960`s and 70`s.