3D Days...what a crazy week!

The week of July 29 - August 2 was really intense and very, very busy. If you've ever done sculpture with groups of kids you'll understand why :) Everything is very involved, takes a lot of steps and uses many, many messy materials. The kids started off the week working with clay and made shoes and faces. These were fired and painted later in the week. 


painted clay shoes.jpg
more painted clay shoes.jpg

We worked with plaster and clay to create molded landscapes in reverse. These are always fun because you're never quite sure what you will end up with when you remove the mold.



Our wired-legged birds were also a huge success. It took a lot of effort to build the frames and cover them with layers of plaster. Figuring out how to make them stay balanced was a big challenge as well. It was well worth it though! 



The afternoons were a joint effort as all of the students worked together to create a fabulous window display featuring a painted background, cardboard buildings and beautiful hot air balloons.