Fancy self-portraits

Last week we had a lovely visit from some of our friends at Wunderkind Le arning Centre. The kids joined us for a creative afternoon of painting, drawing and sculpting. I wanted to share this project with you because I just love the way they turned out. 

At Freehand, we do a lot of projects based around self-portraits and there are many reasons for this. Self-portraits are an excellent way to teach observational drawing and faces are one of the most difficult subjects to get really good at. Getting the shapes, proportions and likeness close is really difficult. Many famous artists do self-portraits over and over and over again throughout their careers because it's such great drawing and painting practice and you don't have to have a model sit for you.  

For our workshop we wanted to have a finished project that would be fit for our rococo-inspired swirly gold frames. We started off by painting the inside of our wooden shadow boxes with coloured india inks in a swirly abstract pattern.

While those were drying we started working on our swirls for the frame around the picture. We used model magic and made our best snakes, spirals and other favourite shapes that we then glued down using regular, white school glue.

Then, of course, we had to practice drawing ourselves. We studied our faces carefully in the mirror making sure to look for the shapes of our eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips and hair and then we set to work sketching ourselves on scrap paper. Once we felt we had enough practice we drew the final portraits on op of the painted wood and then went over all of the lines with a black sharpie.  

Lastly, all that was left to do was paint the frame gold! This was easier said than done, however, because we had to make sure that we covered all of the model magic and the wood...there were a lot of little cracks and crevices to get the paint into. It was worth all the effort though because they came out looking magnificent. Have a look:




Camille portrait.JPG
Wunderkind portrait.JPG