Adult Art Nights 

Adult art nights provide a relaxing and supportive artistic environment to try something new, unwind with friends, and create some art! All levels are welcome and no experience is necessary.  An instructor will take you step-by-step through the project from start to finish as you explore painting, printmaking and mixed media techniques. Whether you are serious about art or just want to play, join us for a night of creativity!

 Select Fridays 7:30pm-9:30pm and select Saturdays 7:00 pm-9:00 pm


Please email, call 416-487-2533, or register online to reserve your spot!

October 25 - (Friday), 7:00- 9:00

A quick and simple introduction to the ancient art of painting with coloured beeswax! For this project, we will collage fall leaves into a wax background.

Step 1 – Paint a neutral background using wax.
Step 2 – Add embellishment and detail by carving and embedding coloured waxes into your neutral background.
Step 3 – Coat one or more fall leaves in wax, fuse them onto your background, and seal to preserve!

Hand Printed Cards
November 29 - (Friday), 7:30- 9:30

Treat your friends and family to your own, unique holiday cards using either collograph or Styrofoam printmaking!

Step 1 – Sketch a simple design to use for your cards. (Examples and inspirations will be provided)
Step 2 – (Collograph Option): Create a printing plate by cutting your design out of card stock and using layering to create additional detail. (Styrofoam Option): Create a one-of-a-kind stamp by pressing your design into a Styrofoam printing plate using a ball point pen.
Step 3 – Use your template to print your personalised design onto cardstock!

Paint Your Pet
January 24 — (Friday), 7:30- 9:30

Immortalize your pet in an artwork! Everyone will create a realistic painting of their beloved pet using our fool-proof technique.

Step 1 - Trace a picture of your pet onto the canvas using carbon paper. (This process will create a paint-by-number style drawing for you to work from.)
Step 2 - Select and mix your colours, with assistance if needed.
Step 3 - Paint your pet!

Watercolour Tropical Silhouette
February 28 — (Friday), 7:30- 9:30

Description – Transport yourself to beautiful Hawaii with this fun and simple silhouette painting!

Step 1 – Paint a background using warm sunset colours.
Step 2 – Sketch or trace a tropical silhouette onto your background, inspired by your favourite tropical trees and animals!
Step 3 – Fill in your sketch with black paint to complete the silhouette effect!

Abstract Poured Painting
April 24 — (Friday), 7:30- 9:30

Poured paintings are just as fun to make as they are beautiful to look at! This workshop will focus on colour mixing and everyone will go home with something they're proud of. 

Step 1 - Choose your palette by learning about complimentary and analogous colours.
Step 2 - Mix your colours and add a conditioner to let the paint flow smoothly.
Step 3 - Pour your paint over a canvas. 

Acrylic Abstracted Landscape
May 29 — (Friday), 7:30- 9:30

Step 1 - Choose a landscape and copy the simple lines and shapes onto your canvas.
Step 2 - Decide on a limited colour palette and fill in the shapes, using masking techniques for crisp edges.
Step 3 - Add textures and embellishments.